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This community, doctorwholims was inspired by the various LIMS communities around and about LiveJournal. LIMS stands for Last Icon Maker Standing, and is open to everyone; as long as you sign up prior to the challenge starting. LIMS competitors need to be able to cope with being eliminated from the challenge should the time come.
[-] all participants must be members of the community
[-] you must join before the challenge starts, and comment on the relevant post with this word: "exterminate" to take part. The official closing date for sign up for Challenge 3 is November 5th: the first round will be up on the 6th.
[-] you cannot use other bases for the icon; all icons must be new
[-] only the images provided can be used, unless otherwise stated; however the use of brushes, textures, gradients and stock images are allowed
[-] only one icon per member per round unless otherwise stated
[-] icons must fit LJ's requirements: 40KB and 100x100 pixels. Icons that are larger will not be included, and you will be asked to resubmit.
[-] animation is allowed: providing it only includes the image(s) supplied, unless otherwise stated (when a topic is given, for example)
[-] entries must include both the image and the url, posted in a comment to the challenge, for example:

[-] do not post your icons anywhere until the challenge is over – otherwise the entry will not count
[-] if you are going to miss a challenge, then let me know in advance here
[-] everyone is allowed to miss one challenge – at sign-ups, if they can show a link to pimpage of the community in their journal (ie. doctorwholims doctorwholims doctorwholims), then they will be granted an extra skip.
The Challenges
The challenges will be added on a Monday, and entry will be allowed until Friday evening, as specified in the post. Voting will then be either put up on Friday night or Saturday morning. Results will be revealed on Monday, prior to the new challenge.
You will be asked to vote for both your favourite and your least favourite; stating a valid reason why. 'Because I don't like it' isn't a good enough reason. Anonymous voting will not be allowed, and please don't vote for your own icon.
Points will be:
+1 for a positive vote
-1 for a negative vote

You don't need to be a particpant in the contest to vote; anyone can vote for their favourite and least favourite icons.

If you have any comments or queries regarding these rules, please comment here and I will reply as soon as possible.
[-] layout coding by faceon
[-] images used in header from Better With Two