doctor - time and relative


This community is currently on HIATUS.
We apologise to the people still participating in the current challenge, and we apologise to those who have been following and providing votes for each round. When things are sorted out, we will reopen the community and most likely request a third moderator; because it is obvious we are failing at our role.
Thank you for your patience, and sorry once more.
doctor - time and relative

Challenge 3 Round 7

Huge apologies - especially for lack of even a notice, but I hope you're all still out there and following. blasphemae and I are extremely busy at the moment, and just haven't had time to blink, let alone organise this place. We've clearly gone down hill since our third mod disappeared... I'm sure we'll be re-recruiting soon, if anyone wants to consider helping!

Anyway, after a month's delay... Collapse )